Honey Bee - Apis
insect-1 insect-1
insect-2 insect-2
spiny elm caterpillar - Nymphalis antiopa
spiny elm caterpillar spiny elm caterpillar
blinded sphinx moth - Paonias excaecatus
insect-4 insect-4
Bumblebee - Bombus
insect-5 insect-5
Bumblebee 2 - Bombus
insect-6 insect-6
Bumblebee 3 - Bombus
insect-7 insect-7
Bumblebee 4 - Bombus
insect-8 insect-8
Bumblebee 5 - Bombus
insect-9 insect-9
Bumblebee 6 - Bombus
insect-10 insect-10
insect-11 insect-11
Cicadas - Cicadidae
insect-12 insect-12
Green Dragonfly - Anisoptera
insect-13 insect-13
Blue Dragonfly 2 - Anisoptera
insect-14 insect-14
Front Dragonfly 3 - Anisoptera
insect-15 insect-15
Dragonfly 4 - Anisoptera
insect-16 insect-16
Blue Dragonfly 5 - Anisoptera
insect-17 insect-17
Blue Top Dragonfly 6 - Anisoptera
insect-18 insect-18
Front Wings Dragonfly 7 - Anisoptera
insect-19 insect-19
Garden Spider - Argiope aurantia
insect-20 insect-20
Garden Spider - Argiope aurantia
insect-21 insect-21
Dragonfly 8 - Anisoptera
insect-22 insect-22
Grasshopper - Caelifera
insect-23 insect-23
Great Spangled Fritillary - Speyeria cybele
insect-24 insect-24
insect-25 insect-25
Honey Bee - Apis
insect-26 insect-26
insect-27 insect-27
Japanese Beetles - Popillia japonica
insect-28 insect-28
insect-29 insect-29
insect-30 insect-30
Lily Leaf Beetle - Lilioceris lilii
insect-31 insect-31
Luna Moth - Actias luna
insect-32 insect-32
Luna Moth - Actias luna
insect-33 insect-33
Pearl Crescent Butterfly - Phyciodes tharos
insect-34 insect-34
insect-35 insect-35
insect-36 insect-36
Eastern Yiger Swallowtail - Papilio glaucus
insect-37 insect-37
insect-38 insect-38
Red-spotted Purple or White Admiral - Limenitis arthemis
insect-39 insect-39
insect-40 insect-40
Bumblebee on Echinacea - Bombus
insect-41 insect-41
Insects Photo Gallery

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All insects in this gallery when photographed in Southern New Hampshire. Almost all photos were taken in my own backyard. This gallery taught me a little patience and how to better identify poison ivy. Dragonflies, bees, spiders and different beetles are predominant in this gallery.