chrysanthemums-purple chrysanthemums-purple
aster aster
aster 2
aster-2 aster-2
bachelors-button flower
bachelors-button bachelors-button
bachelors-button flower 2
bachelors-button-2 bachelors-button-2
begonia flower
begonia begonia
begonia flower 2
begonia-2 begonia-2
begonia flower 3
begonia-3 begonia-3
Bellflower - Campanulaceae
bell-flower bell-flower
Bellflower 2 - Campanulaceae
bell-flower-2 bell-flower-2
Bellflower 3 - Campanulaceae
bell-flower-3 bell-flower-3
bittersweet-nightshade - Solanum dulcamara
bittersweet-nightshade bittersweet-nightshade
candelabra-primrose - Candelabra primula
candelabra-primrose candelabra-primrose
celosia-smart-look-romatica celosia-smart-look-romatica
Chrysanthemum Flower
chrysanthemum chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum Flower 2
chrysanthemum-2 chrysanthemum-2
Chrysanthemum Flower 3
chrysanthemum-3 chrysanthemum-3
Chrysanthemum Flower 4
chrysanthemum-4 chrysanthemum-4
Chrysanthemum Flower 5
chrysanthemum-5 chrysanthemum-5
Chrysanthemum Flower 6
chrysanthemum-6 chrysanthemum-6
Chrysanthemum Flower 7
chrysanthemum-7 chrysanthemum-7
Chrysanthemum Flower 9
chrysanthemum-8 chrysanthemum-8
Columbine Flower
columbine columbine
Columbine Flower 2
columbine-2 columbine-2
Cosmos Flower
cosmos cosmos
Cosmos Flower 2
cosmos-2 cosmos-2
Cosmos Flower 3
cosmos-3 cosmos-3
Cosmos Flower 4
cosmos-4 cosmos-4
Dahlia Flower
dahlia dahlia
Dahlia Flower 2
dahlia-2 dahlia-2
Dahlia Flower 3
dahlia-3 dahlia-3
Dahlia Flower 4
dahlia-4 dahlia-4
Ox-Eye Daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare
daisy daisy
Dianthus Flower
dianthus dianthus
Dianthus Flower 2
dianthus-2 dianthus-2
Dianthus Flower 3
dianthus-3 dianthus-3
Echinacea Flower
echincea echincea
Echinacea Flower 2
echinacea-2 echinacea-2
Echinacea Flower 3
echinacea-3 echinacea-3
evening-primrose - Oenothera
evening-primrose evening-primrose
fuchsia - Oenothera
fuchsia fuchsia
gaura gaura
Gazania Flower
gazania-1 gazania-1
Gazania Flower 2
gazania-2 gazania-2
Geranium Flower
geranium geranium
Geranium Flower 3
geranium-2 geranium-2
Geranium Flower 3
geranium-3 geranium-3
bird's-eye speedwell - Veronica chamaedrys
germander-speedwell germander-speedwell
bird's-eye speedwell - Veronica chamaedrys
green-bean green-bean
Hollyhock Flower
hollyhock hollyhock
Hosta 1
hosta hosta
Hosta 2
hosta-2 hosta-2
Hosta 3
hosta-3 hosta-3
Hosta 4
hosta-4 hosta-4
Iris Flower
iris-flower iris-flower
Iris Flower 2
iris-flower-2 iris-flower-2
marguerite-daisy - Argyranthemum
marguerite-daisy marguerite-daisy
marguerite-daisy 2 - Argyranthemum
marguerite-daisy-2 marguerite-daisy-2
French marigold - Tagetes patula
marigold-french marigold-french
Astilbe Astilbe
Milkweed - Asclepias
milkweed milkweed
Milkweed - Asclepias
milkweed-2 milkweed-2
Morning Glory
morning-glory morning-glory
Peony Flower 1
peony peony
Peony Flower 2
peony-2 peony-2
Peony Flower 3
peony-3 peony-3
Peony Flower 4
peony-4 peony-4
Phlox Flower
phlox phlox
Phlox Flowe 2r
phlox-2 phlox-2
Phlox Flower 3
phlox-3 phlox-3
Astrantia Astrantia
Asclepias incarnata
swamp milkweed - Asclepias incarnata swamp milkweed - Asclepias incarnata
Poppy Flower - Papaver
poppy poppy
rudbeckia hirta Flower
rudbeckia-hirta rudbeckia-hirta
sunsatia-lemon Flower - Nemesia
sunsatia-lemon sunsatia-lemon
Verbena Flower
verbena verbena
Water Lily Flower - Nymphaeaceae
water-lily water-lily
wood-aster - Eurybia divaricata
wood-aster wood-aster
woods-rose woods rose - Rosa Woodsii
woods-rose woods-rose
Flowers Photo Gallery

Welcome to Flowers Gallery - Thank you for your visit - feedback is welcome. Images are mouse/touch sensitive

The Flowers photo gallery contains a mix of flowers grown in New Hampshire. Some are wild flowers, for example the milkweed, which had a reputation as a annoying weed when I was young, but is truly a pretty flower if you take the time to enjoy it. Now the milkweed growth is being promoted on many websites to help increase the Monarch butterfly population. Most other flowers are typical garden flowers found in many N.H. gardens worthy of a peek.